Consolidated Quest

The Smart Partnership





A consortium of strategically integrated business groups, structurally aligned to successfully address an array of exponential growth MetaTrend opportunities, scaling to international markets and global customer groups.





The Paradigm: Principle Centric, Vision Guided, and Ecologically Mindful.



The Vision: A Meta-Corp organization skippered by a dynamic culture of principle centered visioneers, building the most Influential enterprise on the planet and leading our community of stakeholders into a supremely intelligent, elegant and unique era of ecumenical profit, prosperity and progress.


The Mission: The overarching purpose is to make substantive, multidimensional, and persistent contributions toward making our world a better place, enriching the quality of life thereon and setting right the egregious wrongs therein. To the benefit not only of those now living, but also to the generations we go before. Through the resourceful and energetic realization of the Consolidated Quest Vision.


The Strategery: The cornerstone in the foundation of mission attainment, management and continuity is the unrelenting and mindfully systematic cultivation of principle centric practices, shared vision, values and purpose. At essence, this translates into; many are called few are chosen and even fewer choose to lead, build them up and they will give rise to the resources, the organizations, the community, the vision, ad infinitum…


The Structure: An organizations architecture is one of those intrinsically mission critical components within the strategically successful enterprise of consequence equation. As anyone familiar with this complex process knows the scrupulous consideration and harmonization of the many urgent, important and often contentious issues and interests is essential. A unifying focal point is in optimizing the force multiplier and leveragability of Intelligent Technologies™, in the service of our stakeholders.

That said, the sheer magnitude and magnificence of the vision for Consolidated Quest presented an especially challenging opportunity, moreover, the strategic plan, supporting data sets and analyses provided therein consequently represent the exquisite product of this diligent, considerable and ongoing deliberation.




The Values: Integrity, Veracity, Vision, Contribution, Growth, Fortitude, Fidelity, Leadership and Execution.




Strategic Business Groups




The Visioneering Group: Intelligent Technologies; Applied Research, Design, Development, Manufacture, Integration and Maintenance of Advanced and Intelligent Technologies Systems. Visioneered; Products, Processes, Tools, Toys and Connections.


Opportunity Management. Group: Optimum Practices Consultancy; Venture Funding, Turnaround Specialists, Mergers and Acquisitions.


RE Ventures Group: Acquisition, Development and Management; Thematically Structured REIT’s, Designer, Builder, Marketer and Operator of Master Planned Communities and Joint Venture Projects.


360° Security Solutions Group: Vertically Integrated; Network Security, Risk Management, Actionable Intelligence Services, Security Enforcement and Spec-Ops/SWAT Training.


Q Media Group: Media Properties; Mass Communications, Public Relations, Organizational Development, Gifted and Remedial Education.


Empire Fine & Rare Group: Specialty Marketer of Branded, Super-Premium; Intelligent, Elegant & Unique; Foods, Fashions, Sprits, Gifts and Gear. “A Superior Lifestyle Experience” Simply the best The Empire has to offer.


Eco-Quest Industries: Ecologically Mindful; Industry, Agribusiness, Construction, Logistics & Transport, Packaging, Fulfillment, Renewable Energy, Resource Mgmt. and Reclamation Technologies.





Phased Strategy / Mission Timeline:




Phase I: 60 mos.


Stage I: Conceptual 36 mos. Completed 12.25.16


Stage II: Build-Out to Execution 24 mos. 12.25.19


Phase II: 60 mos.


Profitable Hyper-growth, Prep for success on an epic scale.

101 B in Assets under Mgmt. 12.25.24


Phase III: 36 mos. 


Consolidation; Renewal, Recalibration & Refinement. 1T.X.27