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What you are about to learn from a reading of this presentation will astonish you in two very counter-intuitive ways. First, complex problems affecting millions of people can have simple solutions that will not cost hundreds of billions, if not trillions, of dollars, borrowed from generations not yet born.; taxation w/o representation anyone? Second, if you can’t get the movers, shapers and rainmakers to buy-in to the solution most of the rest of us will never know of it.


According to The American Medical Association, more than half of all treatable and preventable disease can be traced to nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. Again, we are informed by the AMA that we have a dual epidemic in America of obese people who are malnourished. It begs the question, ‘how can a ‘fat’ person be malnourished’? To be candid, for the vast majority it is not some moral failing or character flaw, they are simply desperate to satisfy the nutritional cravings of their brains and bodies, demanding more and more, just to maintain a minimal level of functional health. Unwittingly, they are consuming empty calories and eating themselves sick to death. This is a bi-product and one of the many consequences we suffer from as a result of agro-industrial complex scale mono-cropping and livestock husbandry that contemporary agriculture has evolved into.


What you will also find here is an outline of what we know to be a smart, simple, healthy, elegant and sustainable solutions to a very large and complex set of problems. MOE Farms is the culmination of many decades and tens of millions of dollars in research, struggle and at times even anguish to arrive at what we believe to be a noble and worthy endeavor. It is a revolution to restore our health by restoring the relationship between our soil and our sanity. We pray you will choose to join MOE Farms in this endeavor.


Truth is, our health is being undermined by well-intentioned people of all persuasions who are demanding rules and regulations in food and health matters with little more than feelings or nefarious political agendas masquerading as self-righteous do-goodisms. Most of us have firm convictions about what we should and should not want to eat, but the only direct contact with the food chain that most of us experience is what we see when we sit down at the table.


However, too many are too quick to look for a demonic scapegoat in this dilemma, not counting the politicians ‘there be few’ here. Fact is, we simply didn’t understand the symbiotic relationships, and the violation thereof, between the health of our soil and our food, bodies, minds, communities and yes, even the health of our planet.


After generations of believing in “better health through better chemistry” we have re-discovered the truth, its better health through better biology. We are truly at the surface of understanding how all forms of life interact in the food chain, in fact, even scientists who make careers of these matters know ‘very much about very little’, and the honest ones readily admit it.


Peta-bytes of data-sets have been generated about food, sustainability, security, health, production practices… and endless statistics to pick from in support or denial of whatever position one wishes to hold. Believing that humanity has analyzed this well enough to dictate public policy about what we should eat and how it should be produced is beyond hubris.


No matter how fervently we support a particular point of view, or how much allegiance we feel to any particular dietary regime, or what kind of farming practices we think best serves humanity, or what we think about carbon footprints, global warming, greenhouse gases, or what economic religion we think best serves the purpose of providing good food to everyone; fact is, none have all the right answers, neither science nor ideology. Humility, not hubris, is the beginning of wisdom in the pursuit of truth.


Although MOE Farms’ initial market is in the top 3% of the population, in terms of earnings and wealth, our strategic outcome is to definitively demonstrate, ‘you can feed the world nutritionally dense, sustainably produced, healthy and tasteful food at a healthy profit’. Again, if you can’t get the movers, shapers and rainmakers to buy-in to the solution most of the rest of us will never know of it.


MOE Farms is an authentic ultra-premium branded ‘cycle of sustainability’ business model. Constructing formidable competitive barriers, substantial cost advantage, genuine, unique and highly prized market differentiators, enterprise level risk mitigation and durable premium pricing power components. MOE Farms Prime+ and Beyond Organics agribusiness model capitalizes a novel market niche, creating a virtuous cycle of customer loyalty and long-term high margin profitability. Hallmarks of strategic sustainability. In addition to a prime plus quality product offering, a core constituent of high-margin agribusiness profitability and sustainability is the recovery and recycling of production process wastes and their capture and conversion into renewable inputs (fertilizer, seed, feed, fuel, energy). To achieve this, a ‘one stop shop’ vertical integration of the production/process/supply chain from farm to fork is absolutely essential. Combined with old school agro-science, intelligent technologies and proprietary process methodologies, the MOE Farms business model delivers this and more.


A Diversified, Green-tech, Vertically Integrated, ‘Farm to Fork, Seed to Salad’ producer and Marketer of value-added super-premium branded retail packaged products and services, targeted to the affluent consumer and upscale retail purveyor markets. The Beyond Organics and Prime+ brand appellations represent not just a superior customer value proposition, but proprietary operational knowledge and a set of standards that go well beyond the clichédAll Natural/Organic’ moniker. Cutting through the clutter, confusion and frustration premium product consumers’ experience in pursuit of their value, quality, health and lifestyle goals. Servicing the Upscale Retail Trades, Hospitality Industry, Beyond Organics and Prime+ Quality Consumer Markets.


MOE Farms branding strategy serves not only to differentiate Prime+, Beyond Organics and Certified Prime+ products in the market place, but also as a vehicle to facilitate expansion into new markets, a key differentiator for our private label customers and an additional profit center as well. In other words, our would-be competitors will be, in effect, financing the growth of our brand awareness and the rapidity of its adoption as the gold standard in this space.


The MOE Farms business model may appear overly complex with a lot of moving parts; however, at its essence, it is a farm of farms, i.e. premium organics food farm, feed farm, server farm, renewable natural gas farm, bio-diesel farm, energy farm, etc. In an ecologically balanced, closed loop eco-system. MOE Farms will be a 100% renewable energy, self-sustaining, grid-independent, below-zero emissions, carbon-negative operation in all of its business units and profit centers; food, feed, fertilizer, power, packing, fuel, water, etc. The synergies and cross-pollinations among the profit centers and the incremental margin contributions form effective vertical and horizontal integration and ownership of the entire transaction chain cycle. From raw materials to finished retail packaged specialty products, this creates the ‘Stacked Margin Effect’, the hallmark of an Apex Class Competitor.


“All great change in America begins at the dinner table” — Ronald Reagan



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