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Companies like Google, Microsoft and HP are being driven by market forces to look for more rural areas to build their computing centers (server farms). Locating centers near organic farms will solve three problems; the farmers need to recycle/repurpose livestock, crop and processing wastes and the data centers need for a redundant, secure and environmentally responsible source of power and the repurposing of data center waste heat. Data Caster Labs will offer a full suite of data center/server farm services; Ultra-Secure Off-Grid Storage, High Speed Access, Processing, Mining, Analytics, Actionable Intelligence, R&D, etc.

One of the unique features of the Data Caster Labs (data center) design is the datacenter waste-heat is repurposed to the production of high quality biofuel to power plant generators; power plant, in turn, provides light, heat, CO2 & feed to algae, in turn providing cooling and power to datacenter operations and diesel production. Creating a vertically integrated, balanced, closed-loop ecosystem thatís carbon negative and sub-zero GHG emissions. This is 100% renewable on-site production and consumption with producer, consumer, distributor and developer renewables and carbon sequestration credits to DCL customers. Authentic, meaningful, and durable; green, clean, high-tech and high-touch marketing messages.

Data Caster Labs (DCLís) is rendered ultra-secure on several levels; off-gird, hackproof, by virtue of multi-phase laser to fiber data transport, remote location requiring virtually no off-site inputs (i.e. water, electricity, fuel, food, feed, etc.) If you are connected to the power grid you are hackable. DCLís is grid-independent. DCLís has on-site redundant multi-source renewable power i.e. organic waste fueled AD power plant, on-site bio-diesel fueled generators & UPS backup in addition to filtered grid option if it were to prove necessary.

CO2 is also incorporated into a proprietary data center cooling system, creating the first commercially viable and scalable, 100% grid independent, sub-zero emissions, GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced, closed loop data center eco-system with ultra-secure laser-to-fiber internet connectivity. We simply have more demand then capacity now and in the foreseeable future. Again, a capacity driven profit center.


The image above is used to illustrate how the data centers are built over the in-ground algae-to-biodiesel reactors using the waste heat from the data centers to produce 100% renewable fuel. Heat is necessary for year-round production of bio-diesel. Waste heat from the server farm would be repurposed in the production of fertilizer, algal products, fuel, feed, etc. 

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Hewlett Packard engineers have released a research paper that details how farmers and DC operations would work together to repurpose the waste by-products from their respective operations. For the farmers, it will enable them to turn an expensive ecological nightmare into a profit center and for data centers a way to repurpose waste heat to produce 100% renewable bio-fuel back to the power plant. Providing both with highly prized, authentic and durable marketing collateral.