Data Caster Labs

The image above is used to illustrate how the data centers are built over the in-ground algae-to-biodiesel reactors using the waste heat from the data centers to produce 100% renewable fuel. Heat is necessary for year-round production of bio-diesel. Waste heat from the server farm would be repurposed in the production of fertilizer, algal products, fuel, feed, etc. Transforming an operationally expensive and environmentally costly issue into a Profit Center


One of the unique features of the Data Caster Labs (data center) design is the datacenter waste-heat is repurposed to the production of high quality biofuel to power plant generators; power plant, in turn, provides light, heat, CO2 & feed to algae, in turn providing cooling and power to datacenter operations and diesel production. Creating a vertically integrated, balanced, closed-loop ecosystem that’s carbon negative and sub-zero GHG emissions. This is 100% renewable on-site production and consumption with producer, consumer, distributor and developer, carbon sequestration and renewables credits. Authentic, meaningful, and durable; green, clean, high-tech and high-touch marketing messages.

Data Caster Labs (DCL’s) is rendered ultra-secure on several levels; off-gird, hackproof, by virtue of multi-phase laser to fiber data transport, remote location requiring virtually no off-site inputs (i.e. water, electricity, fuel, food, feed, etc.) If you are connected to the power grid you are hackable. DCL’s is grid-independent. DCL’s has on-site redundant multi-source renewable power i.e. organic waste fueled AD power plant, on-site bio-diesel fueled generators & UPS backup in addition to filtered grid option if it were to prove necessary.

CO2 is also incorporated into a proprietary data center cooling system, creating the first commercially viable and scalable, 100% grid independent, sub-zero emissions, GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced, closed loop data center eco-system with ultra-secure laser-to-fiber internet connectivity. Making Data Caster Labs another capacity driven profit center.



Ultra-Secure, Air-Gaped, Extreme-Off-Grid, Encrypted Laser Transmission to Fiber. No Takeovers, Hacks, Pump-and-dump schemes, DDoS Attacks, etc. Current exchanges (Centralized Trust Operations) are the weak link, currently plaguing block-chain technology in general and crypto-currencies in particular

Air-Gapped mirror of Futures Protocol, (Public Ledger) will be housed in an ultra-secure, Grid independent, EMP hardened facility, Data Caster Labs. First 75 miles of Internet connection will be laser to fiber in addition to encryption. This will provide a level of protection unique to BUX/SBX Cryptosphere.

If/When the Internet and/or Electrical Grid go Down BUX/SBX Will Remain Secure, Accessible and Tradeable.

Ultra-Secure remote location, EMP hardened Ultra-Secure Facility, Air-Gaped, Extreme-Off-Grid, Encrypted Laser Transmission to Fiber, local to state level political relationships and affiliations, etc. Fraud and Fugazi is mitigated. No takeovers, Ex-hacks, Pump-and-dump Schemes, etc.

In the event of disruption to internet, power grid, disaster manmade or otherwise. SBX will be secure and accessible on-site and will always be exchangeable into Beyond Organics and Prime+ quality food, water, feed, fuel, security and grid independent power with all the amenities of a trophy class preppers paradise.

For BUX/SBX, Internet and Power Doesn't go Down.

AI Driven Algo-Mining for Actionable Intel.


Data Caster Labs Operations and Development Center. Estimated Cost: $15.2 - $18.5M USD.

Data Caster Labs Estimated Aggregate Revenue/Earnings Years 1 - 3 …18.2 / 5.8



Data Caster Labs direct heat exchange to Sub-Zero Energy’s Bio-Reactor design



Map Illustrates Current Infrastructure for Laser-to-Fiber Connectivity Right-of-Way




Hewlett Packard engineers have released a white paper that details how farmers and DC operations would work together to repurpose the waste by-products from their respective operations. For the farmers, it will enable them to turn an expensive ecological nightmare into a profit center and for data centers a way to repurpose waste heat to produce 100% renewable bio-fuel back to the power plant. Providing both with highly prized, authentic and durable marketing collateral.