Data Caster Labs


Unique to the Data Caster Labs (data center) design is the repurposing of CO2 produced as a byproduct of power generation along with data center waste heat, producing renewable Bio-Diesel back to E Q Power, in-turn providing electricity to data center operations. CO2 is also incorporated into a proprietary data center cooling system, creating the first commercially viable and scalable, grid independent, sub-zero emissions, GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced, closed loop data center eco-system with ultra-secure laser-to-fiber internet connectivity.

Data Caster Labs (DCLís) is rendered ultra-secure on several levels; off-gird, hackproof by virtue of multi-phase laser to fiber data transport, remote location requiring virtually no off-site inputs (i.e. water, electricity, fuel, food, feed, etc.) If you are connected to the power grid you are hackable. DCLís is grid-independent. DCLís has on-site redundant multi-source renewable power i.e. Organics powered AD power plant, on-site bio-diesel fueled power plants & UPS backup in addition to filtered grid option if it were to prove necessary.


The image above is used to illustrate how the data centers are built over the in-ground algae-to-biodiesel reactors using the waste heat from the data centers to produce 100% renewable fuel. Heat is necessary for year-round production of bio-diesel. waste heat from the server farm would be repurposed to produce fertilizer, algal products, fuel, feed, etc. 

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Companies like Google, Microsoft and HP are looking for more rural areas to build their computing centers (server farms). Thatís where E Q Power comes in. Locating centers near organic farms will solve three problems; the farmers need to recycle/repurpose livestock, crop and processing wastes and the data centers need for a redundant, secure source of power and the repurposing of data center waste heat.

Hewlett Packard engineers have released a research paper that details how farmers and DC operations would work together to repurpose the waste by-products from their respective operations. For the farmers, it will enable them to turn an expensive ecological nightmare into a profit center and for data centers a way to repurpose waste heat to produce 100% renewable bio-fuel back to the power plant. Providing both with highly prized, authentic and durable marketing collateral.