Initial Escrow Administrator Fund Allocation Schedule:

(A Smart Contract: Reader Friendly Version)


All funds will be managed and paid out in accord with a 3-step proof-of-work verification and certification process through a multi-signature (2 of 3) trusted escrow. After project bids are accepted and approved, a purchase order will be submitted to the trustee by email attachment and a public record is published to the MOE Farms website not later than 10 days before payable (every effort will be made to post at least 30 days in advance). When work is complete, verification and certification for payment in three (3) steps:

1.    Contractor/vendor submits certification request to Former Knox County Judge Travis Floyd’s (22 years RET.)  office. Judge Floyd performs on-site verification of work and if approved, digitally signs off on vendor/contractor invoice and submits to escrow agent.

2.    On-site security cameras will provide visual proof-of-work to any interested party with a web-enabled device; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

3.    Contractor/vendor request and documentation must then be matched to Initial Escrow Fund Allocation Schedule as published 10-30 days in advance on the MOE Farms website.

Finally, approvals and documentation will be submitted to escrow agent. Escrow agent is then authorized to move funds from escrow into contractor/vendor designated account in accord with wiring instructions submitted with request. This is perhaps the most robust authentication and transparent fund allocation protocol, yet designed.


$10,460,000.00 Closing on LG Ranch property WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: To follow

$25,000.00 to Seller for administration costs and associated expenses. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: To follow

Total sale price at close $10,485,000.00 to seller at wiring instructions above.

$667,000.00 Eaton Equipment Services, LLC., ‎Road & Dirt Work 1st 1.5 Mi X 24’ State Hwy. Grade w/6” base, Entry + 2 ck point gates = 1.330M$, 50% to Start Balance of $663,000.00 on certification.  2nd 1.8 Mi X 24’ State Hwy. Grade w/4” Base = 1.508M$. 50% Down, $754,000.00 Start Balance of $754,000.00 on certification. Tot. 2.838 M$. Total 3.3 miles Est. 120-day timeline.

$10,000.00 Knox City-O’ Brian CISD for temp office space and utilities March through December 2017

$12,000.00 Michael Burkham relocation expense reimbursement, Packing & Processing Plants General Manager

$15,000 Mike and Debbie Morehouse for ranch services rendered March-2017 through August 2017 WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: To follow

$150,000.00 Retainer Barger Tech Environmental, Build -Out General Contractor

1. General Specifications Document – SOW: A Project Plan, including but not limited to, the item descriptions below. This document will include the Design, Engineering, BOMs, Project Timelines, Product and Service Quotes, Etc.

2. Aerial 3D & CAD – Structure and Infrastructure Layout: A baseline 3D CAD map of the property, and the placement of all structures and pathways.
3. Building Specification and Design Criteria for Operations, Maintenance, Security and Monitoring: Define the size, scope and requirements.
4. Building Specification and Design Criteria for Utilities: Define the size, scope and requirements.
    a. Power Plant(s) Stationary and Mobile: Define and Quote the initial 15MW to the Planned 45MW of power plant assets.

    b. Water Treatment: Define, Size and Quote the on-site water treatment requirements for all uses.

    c. Waste Water Treatment: Define, Size and Quote the on-site waste processing requirements for all uses.
5. Distribution Utilities – kWh, BTU, Gas, Water, Sewer and Telecom: Define, layout and quote the utility path and requirements of each.
6. Building Specification and Design Criteria for Livestock Production for Hogs, Chickens, and Wagyu: Livestock production facilities including the air, water and waste treatment requirements. Includes water, waste management, anaerobic digestion, biogas, NPK separation and organic solids.
7. Building Specification and Design Criteria for Food Processing and Storage: Define the size, scope and requirements.
8. Building Specification and Design Criteria for Data Center(s): Define and quote the size, scope and requirements.
9. Technology - Data, Voice, Video, Wireless, Security, Network Operations Center and Monitoring: Define and quote all technology components for the short, mid and long-term operations and services to others.
10. Legal – Contracts for Suppliers of Products, Services, Warranties and Spare Parts: Prepare the supplier agreements, implement the proper insurance and risk management procedures.


$1,670,832.00 Central Power Systems & Services. Corporate Headquarters / 9200 Liberty Drive / Liberty, MO 64068 / 816-781-8070. 50% Down Payment required at the time of order for 24 – 450kW PowerForce Generator Sets. Balance $1,670,832.00 FOB 10-01-17. Price of $139,236.00 each for a total order price of $3,341,664.00 as per quote dated 6/27/2017. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: United Missouri Bank 1010 Grand Ave Kansas City, MO. 64106 Routing # - 101000695 A/C # - 9870603667 Swift Code- UMKCUS44

$27,000.00 Diane Joffrion – Board of Advisors – March 2017 – October 2017, WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: To follow

$90,000.00 MOE Farms executive management team relocation costs, setup and administrative expenses through August 2017, WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: To follow

Additional allocations will be posted, in advance, as build-out continues and General Contractor Specifications Document is developed, payroll as profit centers are commissioned and staffed, materials and equipment purchases, etc. see Build-out