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MOE Farms is literally a unique business model from the ground up starting with a ‘high-amenity trophy property’ ideally suited, centrally located and substantially developed, in the fastest growing region in North America encompassing MOE Farms targeted demographic. With 18 plus years of unprecedented in-migration of credentialed high income earners, experiencing unemployment of less than 2.1% at the bottom of the ‘great recession’. In addition to the financial resiliency of our core customer groups, within a 250 mi radius of the property and principle distribution domain is one of the highest concentrations of affluent consumers in the U.S.

As any seasoned investor knows, a time-tested rule of thumb in real estate is ‘location, location and location’. However, in the food production business and the profitable operation thereof it is first and foremost ‘water, water and water’. This property excels at both these criteria. Not only securing an essential resource and risk mitigator, but lending itself to future resort class master planned community development. With a surveyed, private, deeded, and adjudicated 500± acre deep-water reservoir within its Northwestern boundary and over 10 miles of ‘live-water’ river frontage delineating its Southern and Eastern borders, the property is genuinely unique. Situated approximately 5 miles south of the County Seat, Benjamin, in Knox County, Texas. This ‘high-amenity trophy property is ideally suited, centrally positioned and substantially developed. Servicing the fastest growing Major Metropolitan Statistical Area in North America.

The opportunity here is manifold, first and foremost is the nature of the underlying 'real' tangible assets. The real estate is extraordinary for its high utility, desirable location, monetization capacity and its unique mix of trophy property grade features. The property location feeds into the fastest growing MMSA in the North America. A historically unprecedented net in-migration trend going into its 18th. year, creating a durable forward growth momentum. One of the unique aspects of this relocation trend are the demographics (i.e. high-income earners, above average advanced degreed/professionally credentialed, high net worth, etc.).

The 500+/- acre private Lake Davis Reservoir is unique and extraordinarily important for several reasons. The most important, from an operations and risk management point of view, is encapsulated in the fact that water is the single most important element in organic agriculture/food production and its loss or restriction from contamination, drought, regulatory interference, disaster, natural or otherwise, could wipe out years of profits in a season. The near-term and strategic value of this owned resource cannot be over-emphasized. Unlike most water which is owned by the state which issues certain access rights subject to conditions and restrictions that can be suspended at any time without cause. Lake Davis is 100% deeded and Adjudicated to the property. Construction of Lake Davis Dam was completed in 1959 with a capacity of about 5,454 acre-feet and surface area of about 585 acres at elevation of about 1417 feet above mean sea level. 1 acre foot = 43,560 cubic feet = 325,872.4 gallons. Lake Davis Cap. = 1.777 billion gallons.


Average gallons of water used to produce one Pound of the following foods:

• 1,857 gallons/lb of beef

• 756 gallons/lb of pork

• 469 gallons/lb of chicken

• 368 gallons/lb of peanuts

• 216 gallons/lb of soybeans

• 43 gallons/lb of pulses


Property Highlights:

500+/- acre private Lake Davis Reservoir 100% deeded and adjudicated

10 miles of river frontage on the South Fork of the Brazos River

Over 900-acres of natural wetland habitat

Over 1300 acres of cultivated and producing fields

2.1 miles of State Hwy 6 frontage

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Distribution infrastructure in primary marketing domain.



Independent, abundant, naturally filtered, pathogen-free, secure water sources



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