Smart Food for Smart People™

Prime+® and Beyond Organics®

Beef * Pork * Poultry * Dairy * Game * Garden * Spirits


The MOE Farms® Vision: Making food healthy, tasty, nutritionally dense and smart again, just the way mother nature intended. The Gold-Standard and preferred provider of ultra-premium Prime+® and Beyond Organics® branded quality products and services; beef, pork, poultry, dairy, garden, game and premium spirits. The smartest, healthiest, greenest, clean-tech, food and beverages for the most discerning and connected movers, shapers and rainmakers on earth. Simply, ‘Smart Food for Smart People’™.

Farm to fork, pasture to plate and seed to salad; 100% recycle, repurpose, renewable, blended, and balanced, carbon negative, GHG mitigated, with a superior, and sustainable ecological profile. All critical inputs are produced and consumed on-site; power, fuel, feed, genetics, water, etc. Major profit centers are blitz-scalable with low capital intensity with highly sought after, authentic and durable market differentiators.

The discovery, exploration and development of an Apex Class Competitor, marketing into a high margin niche with systemic, structural and institutional barriers to competitive entry, redress and monetization. Playing into extreme supply/demand imbalances, in all of its business units and profit centers. Servicing a highly motivated, economically resilient and affluent customer and end user base, concentrated at relatively few points of distribution.

Location and primary distribution domain (300 mi radius) is at the center of the fastest growing Major Metropolitan Statistical Area in North America, persisting in an acceleration stage for well over a decade. This is fueled by an historically and economically unprecedented in-migration of high income earning, degreed and credentialed professionals and entrepreneurs, (the Affluentials).

These are movers, shapers, rainmakers and Fortune 500 corporate HQ relocations. Fleeing soul crushing big government policies and ideas like “if it works tax it, if it keeps working regulate it, if it stops working subsidize it”; in states like NY., CA., IL. They are arriving with substantial resources that will accommodate a self-funded lifestyle re-establishment at 2/3 the cost and the liquidity to fund the necessary infrastructure build-out. “Unprecedented”!

The MOE Farms® business model effectively and efficiently addresses an homogeneous, pervasive and systemic problem, affecting highly motivated and affluent customer groups and end users, with a smart, healthy, connected and elegant solution. Durable, high-margin competitive advantages, unassailable proprietaries, authentic and unique marketing messages, and branding collateral. This is just the kind of distinction that tips the balance in your favor with this customer profile giving you a powerful and enduring competitive advantage, turning a sales issue into a capacity challenge and gaining a powerful control over effective and efficient delivery on promises. Servicing the Upscale Retail Trade, Hospitality Industry, and Prime+ quality consumer markets.


“The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power,” - Warren Buffett ‘America’s favorite tycoon’


The synergies and cross-pollinations among the Special Purpose Entities and profit-centers creates the "stacked margin effect" enabling Apple like margins and complete vertical and effective horizontal integration of the entire transaction chain cycle. Vertical Integration, one stop shop, whole value chain, farm to fork, seed to salad; all of these are just different ways of expressing a key component of MOE Farms strategy for establishing & maintaining a 'High-Margin Durable Competitive Advantage'. This translates into control of all the key variables that determine success in the market, whether measured by customer satisfaction, profitability, market share, margin, reputation, brand preference or any other basket of valuators. Any one of which presents a significant competitive barrier, but in totality creates as unassailable a first mover advantage as is probable.


100% self-sustaining, grid-independent, renewable, below-zero emissions, carbon-negative operations in all of its business units and profit centers; food, feed, fertilizer, power, packing, fuel, water, ultra-secure off-grid data storage, mining, and analytics using proprietary algos. Coupled with high-speed data transmission.

Qualifying for producer, consumer, distributor and developer of renewable fuels, GHG mitigated energy off-sets and carbon sequestration credits. Revenue and Profit projections do not include these as they are dependent on government subsidies. Any business model requiring them is inherently flawed. However, these credits and subsidies will be passed on to partners and affiliates, so long as they remain available.

E Q Power® produces five (5) by-products: Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Electricity, Digestate and Waste Heat. The E Q Power plant design is the only producer in North America to use, recycle and repurpose all five and the only one in the world to do so, on-site, as both producer and consumer. The world's first 100% renewable fuel and power producer in a GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced closed-loop eco-system, from seed to salad.

The power plant will incorporate Methane (CH4) & Bio-Diesel to E Q Powers’ gen-sets. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is heated using the waste heat from Data Caster Labs® (data center) and E Q Powers’ gen-sets and repurposed to bio-diesel reactors for year-round production of renewable bio-diesel to diesel fueled gen-sets. Anaerobic Digester is primarily for waste, pathogen, waste water and weed-seed management. CH4, CO2 and Digestate production for Sub-Zero Energy's Bio-Diesel reactors and Beyond Organics® Garden facilities’ as a proprietary ‘Smart Soil’ amendment.

Unique to the Data Caster Labs (data center) design is the repurposing of CO2 produced as a byproduct of power generation along with data center waste heat, producing renewable Bio-Diesel back to E Q Power, in-turn providing electricity to data center operations. CO2 is also incorporated into a proprietary data center cooling system, creating the first commercially viable and scalable, grid independent, sub-zero emissions, GHG mitigated, carbon negative, ecologically balanced, closed loop data center eco-system with ultra-secure laser-to-fiber internet connectivity.

Beyond Organics is not some clever marketing gimmick, it is an unquestionably authentic restoration of the symbiotic relationship between healthy soil and the vitality of our food, simply put, “life is in the soil, death in the dirt”. Integrity through vertical integration, old-school Agra-science and intelligent technologies in synchronicity with mother nature.

The MOE Farms business model is complex with a lot of moving parts; however, at its essence, it is a farm of farms, i.e. food farm, feed farm, server farm, fuel farm, energy farm... The synergies and cross-pollinations among the profit centers and the incremental margin contributions from effective vertical and horizontal integration of the entire transaction chain cycle, from raw materials to finished retail packaged specialty products, creates the ‘Stacked Margin Effect’, the hallmark of an Apex Class Competitor.

The Certified Prime+ and Beyond Organics® appellations represent not just a superior customer value proposition, but proprietary operational knowledge and a set of standards that go well beyond the clichédAll Natural/Organic’ moniker. Cutting through the clutter, confusion and frustration premium product consumers’ experience in pursuit of their value, quality, health and lifestyle goals.

This is also, in part, the justification behind these customer groups motivation to pay, 50-200% premiums, for these product and service attributes. A ‘relatively small premium’ paid in exchange for the assurance of healthy satisfaction with the very limited time they have to spend with family and friends. This is what a real, cost efficient & effective customer loyalty program looks & feels like. This is a capacity driven operation, NOT a marking or sales business.

The bottom line; like it or not, it is the wealthy and powerful that make big changes happen. Get the rich to buy into it or most of the rest of us will never experience it (e.g. introduction of the first VCRs at $10,000 ea., half a dozen years later they were offered as an incentive just for opening an account at the local savings & loan). This, after all, is the driving aspiration and end game of the MOE Farms opportunity, making Certified Prime+ and Beyond Organics® quality, nutrition and taste available and affordable to all. This is not a “build it and they will come”; it is a “build it, they are already here”! This is how we make food healthy and smart again, this is how you bring health back to America. Life is in the soil, and life more abundantly. Doing well by doing good.


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