Lone Star Bucks SBX


90 Million (SBX) will be made available through initial coin offering (ICO) @ $1.00 ea.



 Max. Issue: 100,000,000 SBX

Max. ICO Offering: 90,000,000 SBX

Minimum cap: 1,500,000 SBX

SBX issued: 7-10 days after close of ICO

For more detail: See Whitepaper - Term Sheet


To procure SBX with BTC click the multi-sig key below:






Project Details

Home Page:

MOE Farms

Corporate Structure:

Blockchain Partnership

Team Openness:

Complete Transparency, Access and Availability Generous. Call, Text, Email or Come See us

White Paper:      



Yes (Beyond Organics, EQ Power, Data Caster Labs)

Token Details

Role of Token:

Proof of Stake, Enhanced Access to Products, Eco-System Services and Voting Rights

Token Supply:

100 Million

Distributed in ICO:      

90 Million (Founders 10 Million SBX to be Held in Locked Escrow Until MOE Farms is Cash Flow Positive)


Ethereum to Data Caster Labs Platform (In Development)

Sale Details

Sale Period:

December 17 Through January 17, 2017


1 USD (Equivalent Coin) = 1 SBX

Accepted Coins:


Token Distribution Date:      

7-10 Days From Close of ICO

How are Funds Held:

Direct Deposit to Trusted Escrow With Multi-Sig Security, 2 of 3 Required, See Operations and Build-Out for Detail





Contact Info:


Knox County, Texas

Jeff Oslin or Lloyd Wallace

+1 (940) 256-4318