MOE Farms will be a smart, healthy, ultra -premium quality food business that is vertically integrated from seed to salad and farm to fork. Completely grid-independent: water, feed, fuel, power, processing, packaging, distribution…It is a balanced, closed-loop eco-system with all major inputs & outputs produced & consumed on-site with 97+% of all production & process waste recycled and repurposed back into operations. Prime+ quality beef, pork & poultry & Beyond Organics vegetables & produce.

It is difficult math under the most ideal of circumstance to forecast or project outcomes based on, actions planned today. The MOE Farms project developers looked at dozens of metrics, formulas and contemporary tools for placing a reasonable, although speculative, forward value on SBX.

Price to earnings and Projected Price to earnings ratio (PE) (PPE) are two of the most widely used and useful methods for accessing future value, and forecasting token price based on aggregate earnings and Net Asset Value (NAV). The formula for the forward PE ratio is:

Price Per Token /Expected Earnings Per Token.

Projected Earnings aggregate per Token of $1.53 or $115,000,000.00 plus underlying assets with projected NAV value in excess of $100,000,000.00 or $215,000,000.00 total. With a maximum of 75 000 000 SBX allocated and available for trade + a projected $50,000,000.00 average annual earnings after fourth fiscal year, at current planned build-out capacity. Projected NAV + Cash = $2.86 per token in third fiscal year. At 9x NAV + Cash from earnings could support a price of $25.00 per SBX within three years.

Total SBX (100 000 000) will never increase. Will always be backed by real assets producing highly sought-after products sold to extremely motivated and affluent customers groups & end-users. SBX is backed by grid-independent assets; water, food, feed, fertilizer, fuel, producing power from on-site production of 100% renewable natural gas & bio-diesel for a sustainable, and balanced closed loop cooling, heating and power (CHP) production system. SBX: will always be exchangeable for Beyond Organics & Prime+ food, water, feed, fuel, power, security and all the amenities available on a grid-independent North Texas trophy class property.


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One exemption allows the resale of Tokens purchased for their own account and for investment who (i) are not otherwise affiliated with the Lone Star Empire BP, (ii) have been exposed for some time to the economic risks that ownership of Tokens entails, and(iii) are not part of the distribution of the Tokens.


General use of proceeds, in Millions $:



·         7.2 Mw power, packing and waste water recovery plants. $16.0

USDA inspected multi-species packing plant (beef, pork, poultry, and game). 45 beeves per day cap. Waste to Bio-Gas/Diesel plant; cooling, heating, power generation (fertilizer, feed, fuel, and energy).

·         Real Estate acquisition, Knox County, Texas 5,230± acres. $10.5

·         Prime+© Livestock genetics, housing and handling facilities. $9.5

1,500 head Wagyu Prime+ beef operation (scaling to 3,600 head). 375 head American Landrace and American Landrace/ Duroc crossbred heritage pork operation. 5,000 count ‘Range-Fed’ poultry operation (scaling to 25,000).

·         General operations budgeting, fiscal years 1-3. $6.5

·         Production, packaging, labeling, and warehousing facilities (75k sf) $6.0

·         Beyond Organics© Garden facilities. (150k sf) $ 6.0

·         Magnum Opus Manor (MOMs) Lodge. (22.5k sf) $4.0

·         Facilities related infrastructure, furnishing, fixtures and equipment. $3.75

·         M.O.E. Vineyards© 30± acres scaling to 100± $1.75

·         6 zone 360° security syst. to incl. 512 cameras and multi-sensor on-site enforcement. $1.0

·         Funding; organization, promotion and administration. $.75

·         Engineering, machining and fabrication shop. $.75

·         Multi-mix Batch plant; asphalt, concrete and cement. $.5

·         Landing strip, ¾ qtr. mi. and helipad. $.5

·         Data Caster Labs 10-year Leases w/ Power Purchase Agreements.



The Tokens have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to or for the benefit of US persons (as defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act) unless they are so registered, or an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act is available.