Star Bucks – SBX


49.5 Million (SBX) will be made available through initial coin offering (ICO) @ $1.00 ea.


To Subscribe securely with Bitcoin (BTC): 35xEpQ6RJ7Lwu92Sn8TqBJMqRXCM9tQUZa


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 Max. cap: 100,000,000 SBX

Max. ICO Offering: 49,500,000 SBX

Minimum cap: None

SBX issued: 3-7 days after close of ICO

For more detail: See Whitepaper - Term Sheet

Project Details

Home Page:

MOE Farms

Incorporation Status:

Blockchain Partnership

Team Openness:

Complete Transparency, Access and Availability Generous

White Paper:      




Token Details

Role of Token:

Proof of Stake, enhanced access to products, eco-system services and voting rights

Token Supply:

100 Million

Distributed in ICO:      

49.5 Million


Ethereum to Data Caster Labs proprietary platform (under development)

Sale Details

Sale Period:

September 07th through November 07th 2017


1 USD (equivalent coin) : 1 SBX

Accepted Coins:

See links at top of page

Investment Round:


Token Distribution Date:      

3 – 7 days from close of ICO

How are Funds Held:

Direct deposit to Trusted Escrow Agent with MultiSig security, 2 of 3 required

Bonus Schedule:

15% on first 10 million SBX – First 7 Days: September 7 through  September 14th 2017



Multisig Keyholders: Trusted Escrow Agent + 1 of 2 (Escrow Agent required)


Diane Joffrion, Houston, Texas – Trusted Escrow Agent


Public Key: xpub661MyMwAqRbcFkM9Fk87saTYg16C





Lloyd Wallace, Knox County, Texas – General Partner


Public Key: xpub661MyMwAqRbcGoPNXXSXCpR8to





To be Determined after close of ICO


Public Key: Placeholder only (xpub661MyMwAqRbcFHAM5dc2wkjE4xhY






Contact Info:


Knox County, Texas

Jeff Oslin or Lloyd Wallace

+1 (940) 256-4318